Benefits of using a private proxy server

A proxy server is a computer from another location that serves as a portal where request for data over the internet is done. This server acts like a bridge between your computer and the Internet. Ask to why people are using it, below are benefits provided by using a private proxy server:

Access location restricted websites. Some websites choose to block content to users from certain countries or locations. But with the use of proxy from a country where a website provides unrestricted use, you can access all the content you need without restrictions. For example, if you are in Germany and YouTube won’t allow users from your country to access a specific video then you can simply visit, buy private proxy and use it to view that specific video. It’s that simple.

Surf the web anonymously. Your personal information can be used against you so it’s best to protect your privacy when surfing the web. When accessing public Wi-Fi spots, your internet activity can be monitored by malicious individuals through the use of packet sniffers. By knowing your Internet activity, these individuals can get access to important information such as credit card information, log-in information, email access information and others. This can be prevented by using a private proxy service provided by We provide service that have top-notch security system allowing you to surf the web anonymously.

Make secure transactions while abroad. Payments done abroad are very prone to unauthorized access from hackers. Once your payment transaction is leaked, you can literally lose every cent you’ve sent online. Some  providers have unsecured servers themselves which can still put you at risk. Fortunately, if you buy private proxies from every purchase you make online is secured. We provide residential IP’s which you can change anytime with just a click of your mouse. DSL Rentals provides the service that will allow you to enjoy the convenience of making payments over the Internet without worrying about getting robbed by hackers.

Faster downloads from websites. Some websites run slow when making data transfers to users from certain locations. With the use of a private proxy service, you can speed up downloads. has efficient network design, which can increase the speed of data transfers done through the use of our private proxy server.

Avoid locked accounts due to access from foreign IP addresses. Some websites will lock your account if you access it from a different country. This is their strategy to prevent unauthorized access. However, this isn’t the most effective way to do this since users who travel from one country to another on a regular basis will have problems in accessing their online accounts. You can get around this if you buy private proxy. can give you state and city specific proxies to make it appear as if you are accessing your account locally. Not all companies provide comprehensive options to users. DSL Rentals allows you to change your IP address any time with additional software to satisfy your needs. You can contact us or order now to get your own proxy server right away.