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DSL Rentals is a company founded by dedicated professionals.

We provide our customers with the best and most affordable RDSL for rent, Proxy services, 3G/4G Mobile networks and VPN services: all you need to be successful in Internet Marketing. We not only offer the fastest Internet speeds, we also give you the best prices on the market. Our commitment is to serve you better than any other provider. For this purpose we are always working to optimize our systems to deliver our services more efficiently.

DSL Rentals offers 24×7 access to your Line, so you don’t have to worry about your privacy and content. We accept all major payment systems for your convenience. Providing 7 days/week support to help you resolve any issues, we guarantee the best service in DSL Rentals. You can check all our services on a special page.

There are several key features that online marketers look for when they choose proxy service:

• Customer service: When you looking for best RDSL service, the customer service support is a big point. DSL Rentals has been mentioned on several online forums as offering reliable customer support.

We provide our customers with help desk and online chat services to better and faster assist in resolving any kind of problems they might experience.

• The personal touch: Despite the high-tech nature of online marketing, most customers of remote DSL and Mobile IP services prefer to have a certain level of interaction and personal contact before they decide to buy. We do a most of our sales by email or online chat to ensure personal contact, with a less automated processes. This gives us a chance to answer questions, like “how do I change my IP address?” or “how do I connect to RDSL?” Technology is great, but people ultimately make the difference in most customers’ buying decisions.

• Consistency and reliability: Using IP changing software requires a high degree of confidence – online marketers need to know that the IP proxy service will be available when they need it. Most of our customers are looking for a long-term solution to their DSL, Cable or Mobile line rental needs. A large percentage of our customers are long-time repeat customers, which testifies to the value of our service.

• Fast IP changer with an extensive USA proxy IP list: Time is of the essence when an online marketing team is trying to use an IP changing program to figure out how to setup a USA IP, how to get a new IP or how to change IP addresses. Our customers can’t afford delays and our fast IP changer works excellent.

• Free trial and bulk discounts: Building trust is essential when selling online, and the RDSL and Mobile IP rentals industry is no different. DSL Rentals builds trust with customers by letting them try the service for free. And we also offer “bulk discount” rates for multiple lines purchases. You can shop in our online-store and get the best solution for all your needs.

Currently, DSL Rentals has 21 data-centers where you can purchase dedicated servers. USA locations: New York (Manhattan and Brooklyn), California (San-Francisco and Los Angeles), Texas (Houston), Pennsylvania (Philadelphia), Florida (Miami), Illinois (Chicago), Ohio (Cleveland), Missouri (Kansas City), Tennessee (Nashville), Georgia (Atlanta), Alabama (Birmingham), Washington, DC, Massachusetts (Boston), Arizona (Phoenix) and Washington (Seattle). Recently, DSL Rentals has launched new data-centers in Australia (Sydney), Canada (Ottawa), Russia (Moscow) and London (United Kingdom). The company is constantly expanding its range of services.