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Does your online advertisement or internet marketing strategy need virtual private server? Looking for multiple IPs to automate your work? We can provide you with everything that you need in that field.

Connect via remote desktop software to our DSL, Cable and Mobile IP networks and work just like you are working from your own desktop. Change your IP in one simple click with our remote dedicated servers. You can also connect to our network of IPs via proxy access: HTTP/HTTPS, SOCKS5 and API are available to choose from.

Currently we offer RDSL lines with following providers: Verizon, AT&T and Century Link. Our Mobile IP network includes but not limited to Verizon, AT&T, T-mobile, Sprint, Virgin Mobile. You can order server in USA now in our Store.



    High Performance PCs

    We give you remote access to dedicated High Speed servers

    Secure and Private

    Secured connection to our network. Fully anonymous proxies

    Cable Internet speeds

    We offer connection speeds 10x faster than the average competitor

    Unlimited Bandwidth

    Forget about limited bandwidth. Request as many as you need

    Unlimited IPs

    You can change your IP as many times as you need

    IP Changer Software

    Easy to use one-click IP changer software with API access

    99% Up-time

    We guarantee 99% up-time of our servers. Unused time is credited back

    Free 24×7/365 Support

    You can reach our team at any time, day or night

    24 Hour Money-back Guarantee

    If you're not completely satisfied, simply cancel within 24 hours


    Working from remote computer is just like working from your own desktop:

    Step 1: Purchase remote dedicated server in one of our locations via Our Store.

    Step 2: You will receive access to the private server with remote desktop software such as Any Desk or Team Viewer.

    Step 3: You will be able to access the dedicated computer and install any software which you need.

    Step 4: Start working. Easy, isn’t it?

    IP changer on our RDSL and Mobile lines will allow you to change IP whenever you need. Just click 1 button on “IP changer” and you will get new IP address within seconds.

    If you are running software to automate your work online, then you can easily integrate it with our IP changer! Our software has API to connect to third-party software, so you can request instructions on how to set it up.

    why customers us!


    Do you want to work from your own computer without using remote desktop software? Do you need to get unlimited RDSL and Mobile USA IPs from a single state of your choice right on your desktop? If so, order server in USA with proxy access option.

    You can choose one or several of our locations in the USA (you have to purchase each one separately).

    With our proxy service you can change IPs whenever you need it from your office or home computer. Even more! You can use it from different computers (only one at the same time).

    Simply setup HTTP/HTTPS or Socks-5 proxy in browser on all of your computers and activate each one when you need it. Changing proxy has never been such an easy process!

    How to set up DSLRentals proxy service?

    Step1: Purchase dedicated server with proxy access option in Our Store.

    Step 2: You will get the IP:PORT access to HTTP/HTTPS or Socks-5 (you can get more information about Socks-5 here) proxy, login details, and a link to the Control Panel.

    Step 3: You will need to add IP:PORT information to browser’s proxy settings (check our video).

    Step 4: Go to address bar of your browser and type any web address. You will need to authenticate it with unique username and password.

    Final Step: When you want to change IP you just need to press a button in the Control Panel provided. No need to change proxy settings of your browser again!

    Note: You may request a separate HTTP link to change your IP! Just access this link and your IP will be changed. Great for software automation!

    Order access to proxy server!


    We offer best options to keep you private and secure while surfing the Web.

    We offer secured connection to our network of dedicated and proxy servers. We keep your identity safe! Our proxy servers are fully anonymous.

    We guarantee privacy while you’re surfing the Internet through our network. That means your IP address, location, personal details, including sensitive information, are private. Don’t let hackers steal your identity, bank details, logins or passwords! Get our dedicated server or proxy access to our network.

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    We have options for those who need to automate their online work.

    If you consider using Automated Software for you online advertisement and marketing needs, then you want to get our deducted or proxy server.

    Need a remote server to run your software 24 hours /7 without need to use your own resources? We have it. If you prefer to run software on your own servers, then you can use our proxy connection through API access. Unlimited IPs are included in the package. Simple, isn’t it?

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    We provide tools for successful Web scraping campaigns.

    Working with data scraping? Considering web data extraction with our proxies? We developed some of the leading edge technologies for Web Harvesting.

    Flexible solutions available on demand. Extensive experience and constantly evolving software. It’s easy to connect to our IP network from a wide range of locations across the United States. You will be provided with GEO-targeted IPs to successfully manage your campaigns with large amounts of data.

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    We help Social Media Marketing agencies grow their businesses.

    Social Media Marketing (SMM) is a very promising market niche. Companies that work in this business have to deal with multiple accounts, followers, likes, views, visits, and other stuff that drives everyone crazy.

    To simplify this job people schedule their posts for weeks in advance. To create accounts and post on behalf of their customers, companies have to deal with many GEO and IP restrictions. We help to comply with these restrictions and safe a lot of time for your main work purpose.

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    We offer great tools to unblock your favorite websites and messengers.

    Do you want to unblock YouTube, Facebook, Netflix, Telegram or other important websites? Your access is restricted by the government, company or school rules?

    Now unblocking all websites and messengers is easy as couple clicks! We provide access to your favorite websites and messengers through our network of proxy servers in USA, Canada and Australia. It means you can reach your favorite website and messenger 100% guarantee!

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    The personal touch: Despite the high-tech nature of online marketing, most customers of remote and proxy servers prefer to have a certain level of interaction and personal contact before they decide to buy.

    We do a most of our pre-sales by email and online chat to ensure personal contact, with a less automated processes. Technology is great, but people ultimately make the difference in most customers’ buying decisions.

    Customers service: When you’re looking for best dedicated and proxy servers, the customer service support is a big point. DSL Rentals has been mentioned on several online forums as offering reliable customer support.

    We provide technical support to our customers via convenient help desk ticket system and online chat services to better and faster assist in answering questions and resolving any kind of difficulties they might experience.