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Are you looking to get many unique IPs at an affordable price? Do you need remote DSL for rent, Mobile 3G/4G IPs, or high speed VPN service? If you are also searching for Proxy IPs you have come to the right place!

Our unique elite proxies will provide you with unlimited IP rotations. DSL Rentals provides several services that include but are not limited to the following:

Proxy Panel One Key. As an industry leader, DSL Rentals takes a new approach to the proxy market. Now you can purchase one single key which opens up all our locations and features! Panel provides you with all necessary tools and information for work automation: API commands, automatic IP change triggered by timer, and all relevant information available in JSON format. You may purchase more keys after you log into the panel, this way all the purchased keys will be associated, visible, and accessible from the same web page.

User Agent Switcher.The new Google Chrome plugin will provide you with a perfect solution to frequently change IP and fingerprints for your business needs, so you will never be banned for mistake by any online platform you are working on. You can change your IP and profile whenever you wish. We always ensure unique IP as it is supplied from own pool of proxy lines.

3G/4G Mobile IPs. Every SEO and online marketing professional may need to change their IP to accomplish some specific tasks or to access some of the restricted websites in the region. Mobile IP service is an innovative technology which provides you with 3G/4G connection. This technology let you post in different cities using just one line. More than that – you may be able to post in different states using the same line! You can connect to our Mobile IP network via Remote access and use our dedicated server for your work.

Fast Proxy 4G. Looking for different mobile IPs to access the restricted websites with high 3G/4G speed? We developed an innovative mobile IP technology to access websites with different IPs of different cities and states (randomly). This will let you to use websites which are restricted in your area. You will experience high 3G/4G speeds of our network while working with the lines via Proxy Service. This allows you to use our IPs right in your browser.

Remote DSL for rent.  Does your online advertisements or internet marketing strategy need RDSL? We can provide you with everything that you need in this field. Connect via remote desktop software to our DSL machines and work just like you are working from your own desktop. Change your IPs in one simple click with our RDSL for rent service. 18 locations within US are available. Need multi-location service? Contact us for details!

Fast Proxy IP service. Do you want to work from your own computer without using remote desktop software? Do you need to get unlimited USA IPs from a single state of your choice? If so, get our new “Fast Proxy DSL service”, connect via HTTP or Socks-5 Proxy to DSL line and work from your own computer. You can choose one or several of our 18 locations in the USA (you have to purchase each one separately). Guaranteed high speed with dedicated proxy server!

Other countries IPs. Get IPs for Canada, United Kingdom, Russia and Australia. Looking for a solution to work effectively on Facebook, Gumtree, Avito, Vkontakte and Instagram? Searching for a cheaper prices on IPs, compared to your local providers? We are here to help! Our RDSL and Proxy service are now available for the following countries: CA, UK, RU, AU. Connect to our remote dedicated computers in these locations or use our proxy ips right in your browser. Try it for FREE now!

DSL Rentals VS other IP solutions

  1. Price. If you try to search online, you will find packages priced at around $200 for 100 IPs per month. This is a robbery! With us you will be able to get up to 9000 unique IPs just for $250 per month! Our data shows that one of our customers had 9900 IPs from Los Angeles within 1 month. If you divide $250/month by 9900 IPs, you get the price per IP that person paid. Only 2 cents! It is super cheap, isn’t it?
  2. Quantity. Number of times you can change your IP is virtually unlimited. All you have to do is make some pauses between each IP change in order to have better performance and more classes of IP address changed. It gives you approximately 500-700 IP changes per day. Sometimes people exceed this limit and get way more unique IPs.
  3. Quality. All of these IPs will be genuine, real, not shared, derived straight from our Internet Service Provider and given directly to you. You will never be detected as “proxy user” which gives you a great power over the others.
  4. Flexibility. We offer different types of service and connection options, so you can choose a one that suits your needs.

We currently offer RDSL for rent and some other ours services with huge discount, contact us for details.