Paid VPN service

DSL Rentals offers the best VPN service with secure connections for all customers, whether it is a small business, learning institution, large corporation, legal firms, or home users concerned with secure internet connections, every package is suitable for the diverse nature of the customers.

The SSL, IPSec, and PPTP connection protocols used by DSL Rentals ensure that the clients secure VPN brings value for the money. If you would like to unblock Youtube, Facebook, or any other website – you need to connect through paid VPN service and get a static USA IP. It also lets you watch Hulu, Netflix* and various movie websites while on the move.

DSL Rentals VPN location is in the USA and offers excellent 24/7 customer support to all its customers regarding to any networking matter for all our services. The VPN servers are fast and offer unlimited speeds with unrestricted bandwidth. Moreover, DSL Rental provides our customers with USA IP and is able to access the network securely. In addition, DSL Rentals offers a USA IP that averts clients from being blocked by services such as Paypal, Youtube, Hulu, Netflix* when trying to access their accounts from overseas.

VPN connection is very secure and reliable. You will never have to worry about privacy anymore because:

– It’s all very easy, because all you have to do is to install program on your computer, open it, switch tumbler to “ON”, and you will be connected via our service! Just remember to turn it off when you are done.
– Nobody will see what websites you are browsing through paid VPN service.
– System administrators or anyone else who has access to your web traffic information will only see that you are connecting to our VPN server, but they will never see what you are doing online and which websites you are browsing.
– You may select to have your connection encrypted.

DSL Rentals offers its clients the best paid VPN service that guarantees value for their money. We offer various packages that are suitable for the vast clientele at a remarkable affordable rate. The flexibility of our service ensures that every package is delivered with outstanding quality and every need or query is addressed immediately by our qualified customer support. Therefore, we assure that all consumers will enjoy secure connections, fantastic network speeds, at a great price. Additionally, we ensure that all our customers can trust their data is secure as we stand for privacy for all our consumers. Our policies are outstanding to ensure the maximum protection of all our customers’ data.

We offer the best paid VPN service with great speeds at which you will be able to stream movies, music, and do whatever you usually do on the web.

DSL Rentals has fast dedicated USA IPs that ensures customers are not cut off from services such as SKYPE, Facebook, Twitter, VOIP, even when they try to access their accounts from overseas. High encryption is assured to the clients as privacy and security is one of the main attributes of the best VPN service. You can read more about VPN technology here. The services offered are affordable, planned within the month duration so that the client can still enjoy the excellent services provided. Our customers have the benefit of exclusive internet freedom, without restrictions. This is the paid VPN service as every customer enjoys fast access at an affordable rate.

How people use it:

– To unblock Youtube and Facebook;
– To access American web-services, such as Hulu or Netflix*.

unblock youtube, hulu, netflix, facebook

*To access these services you have to be registered.