Here is what other people say about our RDSL and Proxy services:

Michael V., New York, United States

Very reliable provider! I’ve been staying with them for a long time already and plan to use their service for more. Fast and good quality

Kumar, India

When I need USA proxy for my business I get it ASAP from DSL Rentals

Mr Islam, Bangladesh

RDSL ips are good, not blacklisted or anything like that, price is affordable, i have 4 lines and have good discount

Jeremy Johnson, United Kingdom

We offer SEO services for companies located in the USA. We have been using IPs from DSL Rentals for 5 years – always fresh IP lists!

Ahmed, Saudi Arabia

Sometimes I need an access to American sites. DSL Rentals always helps me with it.

Sukarno Kurniawan, Indonesia

I’m using Dial-up service from different cities all around US. Everything works great!

Paul V., SocialVision Inc.

The best affordable service! New features and updates are right on time. Recommend for other people in that business field.

Ali, Pakistan

I have 3 lines with this company
The speed is nice and guys are flexible with payments

Mike B., Orange County, CA, USA

Great company. When anything is wrong I email them and they have it fixed within 5-30 minutes pretty amazing , I do all my business with dslrentals.com

Villanueva, Philippines

Browse Internet private through USA VPN service.

Murat, Egypt

Good ! I like RDSL server. Had issue with my line for 1 day and they refunded me unused time. Good client service !

Baraz, Iran

Get access to youtube. Thanks!

Jahir, Bangladesh

Ordered RDSL line today in the morning, and got it ready in 30 minutes. Fast delivery, good price!

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