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Data Scraping Services

Unique Residential Proxies from USA, Canada, Australia – Great solution for Data Scraping and Data Parsing

  • Fast IP change

over 20,000 IPs available

  • Many locations

12 offices in U.S. + Canada & Australia

  • Elite proxies

never from data centers

Our Proxy Panel provides you with all necessary tools and information for work automation: API commands, automatic IP change triggered by timer, and all relevant information available in JSON format.

To make Proxy Panel work for your business, you just need to order license key here: panel.dslrentals.com


    Why are we different?

    High Performance PCs

    We give you remote access to dedicated High Speed servers

    Secure and Private

    Secured connection to our network. Fully anonymous proxies

    Cable Internet speeds

    We offer connection speeds 10x faster than the average competitor

    Unlimited Bandwidth

    Forget about limited bandwidth. Request as many as you need

    Unlimited IPs

    Change your IP as frequently as you need.

    IP Changer Software

    Easy to use one-click IP changer software with API access

    99% Up-time

    We guarantee 99% up-time of our servers. Unused time is credited back

    Free 24Ă—7/365 Support

    You can reach our team at any time, day or night

    24 Hour Money-back Guarantee

    If you're not completely satisfied, simply cancel within 24 hours

    Why do I need quality IPs for Web Scraping?

    Elite proxies play vital role in this industry. If your provider doesn’t supply you with highly diversified IPs, most of the time you will have problems trying to collect information from your sources by getting banned.

    Diversity one should be looking for includes:

    1. – Geographical locations
    2. – IP octets
    3. – Internet Service Providers
    4. – Connection types

    When searching for the right provider, look at all these factors, taking into account that such service can’t come cheap (if it is so, then probably you are on a public proxy without knowing that).

    Check our video demonstration how Proxy Panel from DSL Rentals works. Easy to use!

    Proxy Panel One Key
    How to change your IP
    and proxy location

    Watch video
    to know more


    why customers us!

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    Which protocol should I choose?

    Many think that HTTP/Socks are important to succeed with information collection from end source, but this is not true.

    Proxy type is just technical standard that applies to the tunnel between one’s PC and proxy. It does not go anywhere further after proxy, so the end source doesn’t have any idea what protocol you are using.

    Both HTTP(s) / Socks-4/5 have no encryption and packets are visible to your home Internet Service Provider (ISP may go one step further and inspect your packets using DPI technology.

    We may as well provide you with tools to overcome this issue by fooling DPI algorithms).

    In case you need to have encrypted connection we suggest using SSH connection type available in our panel; however, usually this is not a requirement for data scraping procedures.

    How to avoid getting banned?

    At this time many websites not only look at your IP address and related information, but also at your “digital fingerprint”, which is a combination of factors, where JavaScript plays vital role.

    Some are getting by with disabled JS in their browsers just fine, but many need this active in order to work with the end sources.

    We developed a special Google Chrome Plugin for the purpose of showing a different “digital identity” at your request. Basically, every time you press a button to change IP you don’t just change your “digital address”, but also your “fingerprint”, making it almost impossible to identify you as a repeat visitor.

    This is available for free to our customers, but only in form of a browser extension.

    Customers support


    The personal touch: Despite the high-tech nature of online marketing, most customers of remote and proxy servers prefer to have a certain level of interaction and personal contact before they decide to buy.

    We do a most of our pre-sales by email and online chat to ensure personal contact, with a less automated processes. Technology is great, but people ultimately make the difference in most customers’ buying decisions.

    Customers service: When you’re looking for best dedicated and proxy servers, the customer service support is a big point. DSL Rentals has been mentioned on several online forums as offering reliable customer support.

    We provide technical support to our customers via convenient help desk ticket system and online chat services to better and faster assist in answering questions and resolving any kind of difficulties they might experience.