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Proxy panel updates

Proxy panel updates

Proxy Panel  is our professionally designed tool which combines both Residential proxies and Data Center capabilities. The presence of our specially designed User Agent Switcher* along with the API Commands, allows you to automate the workflow as much as possible.


  • Full iOS and Android compatibility
  • Ability to use Proxy Panel in every app that supports proxy connection
  • Compatible with all browsers and software without SOCKS5 support
  • Binding your IP to several keys without login/password authentication


  • Each proxy rotates its own IP
  • Option to reserve a specific proxy server
  • Filter by country, ISP
  • Cable internet speeds

User Agent Switcher – our Google Chrome plugin which allows you to frequently change IP and fingerprints for all your business needs, so you will never be banned for mistake by any online platform you are working on

How does it work

Proxy Panel with One Key Access

Proxy Panel with One Key Access

As an industry leader, DSL Rentals takes a new approach to the proxy market. Now you can purchase one single key which opens up all our locations and features!

All locations are accessible to you at the same time. Just find available proxy, click a button, and you are all set.

All proxy types available: DSL and Mobile.

Filter proxies by Country, State, Provider, and Connection type. Or don’t filter them at all and always get a random IP. It is all up to you now.

Panel provides you with all necessary tools and information for work automation: API commands, automatic IP change triggered by timer, and all relevant information available in JSON format. You may purchase more keys after you log into the panel, this way all the purchased keys will be associated, visible, and accessible from the same web page.

Need more details? Check more information about Proxy One Key service here. Proxy One Key can be used to access Panel: