Having a close look at your internet settings then you will not fail to notice this available internet option for proxy. Proxies are tools that computers use to protect your data or information from being accessed by any third or even second party. One can easily term it as being a barrier that allows you to view your websites of interest and get the  information that you need without the website taking up your information. Proxy server always acts in the capacity of the third party whereby it filters out requests following the rules of the server.

 How to use our server.

– You as the user you will connect to the  server.
– You will then request information or the service that you require by connecting to a given website or maybe file.
– Our service will apply the filtering measures to the request.
– Upon verification of your request, it will be sent to the correct and appropriate server.
– That information or the file will be collected and sent back to you as the user.

Why you need it

That are typically important for security purposes however you need them to block access and apply the content filtering rules by blocking the sites that are home to the materials that you need to be blocked. You as an organization in the SEO industry, you can use our service to provide other businesses with the correct Proxies to audit employee usage or protect data and information leak. It all about finding and using the correct service for your research and that’s what we provide to you.

How it works

Our servers work in various ways depending on the type of proxy you and the specific purpose you want carried out. They are used to filter contents and monitor overall bandwidth consumption. The caching Proxy works by speeding up your requests and keeps copies of the resources that are used frequently. We have the Anonymizing Server makes your web surfing anonymous. On the other, Hostile Proxy captures information about the web pages that you visit. By configuring your web browser or software to use the server, your request will not be sent directly to the website you targeting. Usually they will be sent first the server and then forwarded to target website of choice. The originating IP address usually exists for all initial internet requests. Our server will replace your IP address and have its own IP address. If the target website finds the content you looking for, then it will reverse it back  and then the it will return it back to you hence protecting your information.


When you need to use that you need not have anything extra since every Search engine supports Proxy servers. Software’s will come along with your windows PC and all you need is to follow the installation guidelines.
Other servers are available as well but you need to have the proper and authenticated proxies for research and that is what we offer.