VPN service allows Canadians to get full-access to US Netflix

Watch US Netflix in Canada

usa netflix in canadaEver since Netflix, the popular online movie and television series streaming service expanded north of the U.S. border in 2010, thousands of Canadians have signed on to watch their favorite shows. Although they pay the same monthly fees as Americans, Canadians have a much smaller selection of movies and televisions shows. As of January 2014, Canadian Netflix offers approximately 4,000 titles, while subscribers in the United States have access to more than 10,000, a difference of more than 6,000 offerings. Although the service may look the same on the surface, Canadian customers receive an inferior product. American Netflix is incredibly better. Netflix viewers in Canada are stuck with a smaller selection, unless they are willing to partake in a bit of technological trickery.

Why are there fewer Netflix titles available in Canada?

American Netflix in CanadaAt the moment, the company is experiencing difficulty obtaining contracts for movies and shows as the big Canadian media companies are securing them first. Thus, for the foreseeable future, Canadians will need a trick to have access to the entire Netflix catalog.

How to watch USA Netflix in Canada

Canadians can get access to American Netflix titles not available on the Canadian service simply by subscribing for a VPN service with small monthly fee (~$5) that allows them to change their IP address, and residents north of the American border can change their IP address through a VPN and pretend to be American to get access to additional Netflix offerings.

Watch through VPN

Is this legal? Could I get in trouble doing this?

Yes, this is legal. No, you will not get in trouble doing this. Although Netflix is not fan of the practice, the company has no problem with customers doing it as long as they pay their monthly subscription free. Plus, it is completely legal, meaning subscribers will not get into trouble with either U.S. or Canadian authorities.

Do I need a US Netflix account to get US Netflix?

Subscribers don’t need an American account to view American offerings as all accounts are the same no matter in which country subscribers reside. Netflix determines which service subscribers receive simply by the location of the connection.

How much will it cost me to get US Netflix?

It is $4.99 a month. So add that on to what you’re paying for Netflix at the moment ($8 a month). The cost is $12.99 a month to get US Netflix in Canada. So give VPN a try! For the price of a large coffee each month in addition to their regular subscriber fees, you can receive thousands more additional Netflix titles with a VPN service.