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DSL Rentals is currently offering GEO-targeted USA Dial-Up service. DialUp is a service where you choose an access number from a city, which you want to have your IP from. Dial-Up has access numbers from all cities around US. You can get super GEO-targeted, just choose a city, find right telephone number in our Dial-Up manager, and get connected with one simple click.

USA Dial Up Manager

After you are connected to a city – you will have an IP from that city!

Compared to the traditional DSL, GEO-targeted USA Dial-Up service can have IPs from anywhere in the USA without changing machine you are working on. Your remote access software won’t even be disconnected, while you’re changing IP address! Also it is affordable!

There are thousands of numbers available from different cities, which you can find online:

USA Dial Up Numebers

Looks easy? It is! Just place an order, you will get an email with access details to your remote machine. Once you login, you will find a virtual machine that has Dial-Up USA access. So in this case you will stay connected to the real machine even after you change your IPs, and the speed between you and remote machine is up to 10 Mbps/sec.

Here is short video-instruction for our service:

Still not sure? Here is some more info about Dial-Up and our other services. Current price $150 /monthly. We offer a trial package before you enroll in a plan.

Please contact us for more details or place your order here. There is a limited number of GEO-targeted Dial-Up USA lines available.