DSLboost. Multi-city USA DSL IPs

Looking for a multi-city USA DSL service? Do you need access to different cities’ IPs in just 1-click? We developed a completely new DSLboost (analog to dslroot) service specifically for your needs.  It gives you access to all of our 15 locations across the US right on your computer. Works perfect with any Internet browser! IPs are changing automatically every 15 minutes in each location.

proxy list

How it works:

  • – Order DSLboost service;
  • Download (archive password: dslrentals , you can also download Winrar from here (click green button “CNET secure download”) if you need it) and install “iPilot” (our proxy client) on your computer;
  • – Activate “iPilot” with your license key. Read instructions here;
  • – Use your browser to work through the proxy connection.

What you get:

  • – Multi-city proxy;
  • – Fresh unlimited IPs*;
  • – All browsers support;
  • – Full access to proxy server list with 15 locations in US;
  • – IPs are changing automatically every 15 minutes.

Included locations:

  • – New York (Manhattan and Brooklyn), NY;
  • – Sacramento, California;
  • – Houston, Texas;
  • – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania;
  • – Miami, Florida;
  • – Los Angeles, California;
  • – Chicago, Illinois;
  • – Cleveland, Ohio;
  • – Kansas City, Missouri;
  • – Nashville, Tennessee;
  • – Atlanta, Georgia;
  • – Washington, DC;
  • – Raleigh, North Carolina;
  •  -Birmingham, Alabama.

If you are running software to automate your work online, then you can easily integrate it with our Proxy Client! Use Windows automatic configuration script to make it work together! Send us an email with any questions you have.

How people use it:

– For SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and SMO (Social Media Optimization) purposes;
– For automated posting software**.

We work with professional advertisement posters who usually need access to a wide range of IP addresses to be able to post their advertisements on a variety of different websites. Most of these websites require a poster to have an unique and fresh, non-blocked IPs. Each of these IP addresses must be different for every website that is used to post advertisements on as a group.

For all of these purposes you can use DSLboost. Try out our service and get all advantages.  Switch from dslroot to DSLboost today! One hour free trial is available. Contact us for the details.

*Multi-city DSLboost service provides you with shared IPs. For private IPs you can use our Private Proxy IP service instead.
**Your automated posting software should not violate other websites rules and terms of use.