How to Get a US IP Address outside of USA

There are several reasons why some people would want to change their original IP address into a US IP address. One possible reason is that you are an American who traveled to another country and would want to gain access to your favorite American websites. The IP is based on your current geographical location and sometimes, these American websites block addresses that are not from the United States. With this, you would need to change your IP to gain access to these American websites.

Another possible reason is that you are an internet entrepreneur and you would want to review your marketing campaigns in the US. In this case, you may be left with a single option and that is to change your address into United States parameters.

Also, if you are an American who travels a lot and your bank only allows online bank transactions from within the United States, you have no choice but to change your parameters and make it appear that you are accessing your bank account from your own country. Aside from the mentioned reasons, it is also possible that some people not from the United States who are practicing their English skills, would want to browse the internet as if they are located in the country.

There are a lot of excellent websites which are not available for specific regions. For instance, there are network websites which allow users to watch the latest TV shows, series, and movies but unfortunately, some of these good sites are exclusive for Americans. They can detect your parameters and if you are not from the United States, you will not be able to gain access and enjoy these programs. With this problem at hand, people came up with ways so American travelers as well as people from other countries will not be blocked and will be authorized to access these exclusive websites’ services.

The first option that people can choose to be able to gain access to these exclusive websites is to avail services from a paid proxy. If you need a reliable and efficient internet connection through a US IP address, you would need to spend a little money. Subscribing to a paid proxy service is a more convenient and secure way of gaining access to these blocked websites in your geographical region compared to the free options that are available. In relation to this, your paid proxy will also route all your web requests through a US server to make it appear that you are surfing the internet from within the United States.

An alternative method that you can use is by availing a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service. The services of a VPN do not only include an option that would make it possible for you to change your original address into an American IP address, but will also protect you  from various threats such as identity theft while you are surfing the internet. Aside from that, it will also boost your internet connection speed.

You will be able to experience all the amazing features of a VPN just by paying a few dollars for your membership. DSL Rentals is one of the highly recommended and reliable providers of these kinds of services. By availing the services of this trusted provider, not only will you be able to get a US IP address that will let you access American websites, you will also be assured of your security and fast access as well.

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