Use us for

Use us for

In case you were wondering where to lay your hands on such services as RDSL, Mobile IPs,  VPN, Dial-up or Proxy IP, DSL Rentals will always be there to cater for your needs. We offer ultra fast speeds on our internet connections which makes it easier for anyone who undertakes internet marketing. We also offer 24×7 access to your line so you never have to worry about your privacy and content.

Usually customers use our services for:

  1. Automated Posting Software;
  2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO);
  3. Social Media Optimization (SMO) and advertising;
  4. Money Robot or similar software.

For all these services we provide 24×7 support. DSL Rentals offers an impeccable service that favors most online marketers. Why our customers trust us? First of all, we are reliable and consistent in these services. We only use our custom made software such as IP changer, VPN client, Proxy client and Dial-Up manager. Our developers team has all your suggestions and comments in mind when they release new updates.

Second, many customers who need such services require a service provider with a personal touch. This is usually the case with DSL Rentals. Any transaction done is conducted online through email or live chat that makes it easier to answer any questions and queries that might arise.

Last but not least, we offer a free trial period. This option lets everyone to try our services absolutely free. This builds trust between us and our clients especially when conducting business online. See current rates in our online-store.

Many of our customers do not have room for delays. DSL Rentals therefore offers a wide range of United States IP addresses to choose from. The software used to acquire the IP also works super fast.