Social Media Optimization (SMO) and advertising

Social Media Optimization (SMO) and advertising is a new and very promising market niche. Companies that work in this business have to deal with multiple accounts, followers, likes, views, visits, and other stuff that drives everyone crazy. To simplify this job people schedule their posts for weeks in advance. To create accounts and post on behalf of their customers, companies have to change their IP address.

Professional SMO and advertisers usually need access to a wide range of IP addresses to be able to post their advertisements on a variety of different websites.

Let’s say, you are promoting local pizza restaurants. Things that you have to do include:

– Create account for each restaurant in various social networks
– Get them followers and friends
– Post content (pics, videos, articles) on behalf of the businesses
– Get that content seen, commented, and “liked” by others
– Get all Social Media Optimization needs in one place

And these are only the first steps! Good promotion will include SEO, Social Media Optimization, forum posts on different websites and reviews, reviews, reviews…
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